6 Ways to Reuse Cookie Cases

The cookies are here! The cookies are here! In case you hadn’t heard, Girl Scout Cookies have arrived and booth sales open on March 23. One of the questions we often get is what to do with empty cookie cases. Check out these cool ways to reuse them.

Build a buddy burner

Girl Scouts are prepared for anything -- especially camping trips! Take your empty cookie cases to the next level by building a buddy burner, a simple homemade tin can filled with rolled cardboard and paraffin wax, that can be used for campfire cooking. And then schedule a troop overnight at one of our camps!

Create sketchbooks and easels

Get your troop together for an arts and crafts session. A few sheets of paper, some hole punches, and a little twine helped this Girl Scout mom program a Junior Drawing, Brownie Painting, and Daisy Using Resources Wisely patches craft session.

Building Blocks

Give her an opportunity to innovate and engineer her own fortress. Tape the boxes back together and then hand them off to your daughter as the biggest, best building block set that she’s ever owned.

Line your garden

Lay empty cases over the areas you want to plant to discourage weeds and do a little layering in your garden before the season begins. Or lay them over the area between the rows so that you don’t have to mow.

Make a scratching post

In just under 20 minutes -- and for free! -- you can give your pet hours of fun. Use the empty cases and follow these directions to make a scratching post. Don’t have a pet? Contact your local animal shelter and see if you can donate it!

Turn it into a basket

After you wrap it in twine, or ribbons, or bows, no one will ever know it stored Samoas.