Celebrating Volunteer Excellence!

Desiree Lasalle - Level 5 - Gold Daisy Pin

Karen Manning - Level 5 - Gold Daisy Pin

Grow a Garden

The Grow a Garden Club is designed to assist the Council in growing its adult volunteer base; in an effort to offer the Girl Scouting experience to a greater number of girls in Northeastern New York. 
This year GSNENY is honoring two recipients! 

Desiree is a Service Unit Manager for Service Unit 414, covering Malone, Bushton, Chateaugay, and Moria. She is also a Troop Leader for Troop 4055. Desiree has helped with Troops 4030, 4133, 4179, 4210, and 4150 planning meetings, being available, and helping recruit adults and Girls! Desiree has been a Troop Leader for nine years, and as Service Unit Manager for three years. Great job, Desiree!  

Karen has been a Service Unit Manager for Service Unit 191 for six years, covering Ravena, Selkirk, and Coeymans, as well as a Troop Leader in Selkirk. When she is not spending time with Girl Scout, she is a teacher at Greenville Middle School. Karen has been a Troop Leader for Troop 1932 for 11 years. In her tenure at Girl Scouts she has held additional positions including Encampment Director for seven years and Troop Organizer for six years. Karen says, “It has been as the Troop Organizer where I’ve been able to recruit so many volunteers into Girl Scouts. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to watch so many volunteers grow into the amazing leaders they are today!” Great job, Karen!