Troop 2281 Puts the 'Me' in Media

Watch Troop 2281's MEdia Journey PSAs. 

Girl Scouts in Troop 2281 in Amsterdam spent the last year learning how they can shape media—for themselves, their community and the world—by completing the MEdia Journey.

Stories are told everywhere and in all kinds of formats – in movies by big Hollywood studios, online by bloggers, and through social networks, through the clothes chosen by stylists for a fashion spread in a magazine, through the photos chosen by a newspaper editor. MEdia helps girls think about who is responsible for telling all the stories they see around them and how can use their story to help "re-make" the forms of media they see around them.

Over the past year, these Cadettes went on a field trip to the Apple Store at Crossgates where staff helped the Girls earn the Digital Movie Maker and Screenwriter badges. They've earned the Night Owl badge through various camping trips, as well as their Trailblazer and Primitive Camper badges. The go-getters combined what they learned on camping trips, including the Leave No Trace philosophy and nature conservation techniques, with the skills they learned completing the MEdia journey into Public Service Announcements (PSA). 

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