Junior Mechanical Engineering 2 - Balloon Car Design Challenge 
Wednesday, May 27th
6:30 pm

It’s fun designing and engineering different projects like balloon powered cars, airplanes and things we use everyday.
We’re looking for some creative Juniors to design and build a jet/balloon propelled car to see how far and fast it can travel.

Cadette Night Owl Badge
Thursday, May 28th
Capacity: 30

Hello Cadettes!
Are you ready to earn your Night Owls Badge? During this program, you will complete the 5 steps of this badge by participating in a variety of activities from nature, animals and the night sky!

10:00am- Create a Planisphere
12:00: Steps 2 & 3- Pre-recorded Videos
6:30pm: Steps 4 & 5- Pre-recorded Videos

Science of Style
Friday, May 29th
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Level: Senior, Ambassador 
Capacity: 30

Seniors, work on your Science of Style badge from home! Learn about skincare and cosmetics ingredients, explore fabric science and design clothing for various scenarios, and imagine the fashion trends of the future. Participants will work on steps 1,2,4,and 5 of the Science of Style badge, with ideas for finishing up the badge work on their own.

You will need: 
Paper (several pieces) 
Markers/crayons/coloring pencils 
A skincare or hair care item that you have at home (or a photo of the ingredient list) 
Various clothing items made from different fabrics (maybe a sportswear item, rain jacket, sweater, winter coat, t-shirt, etc.) 

Camp-in & Log-out Weekend
Saturday, May 30th - Sunday, May 31st
All Levels

Register for a self-lead weekend of family fun and receive an activity packet via your confirmation email. No social media, no schedules, no meetings required! Just download the packet and get ready for a relaxing weekend of outdoor fun! *Activities suggested meet some of the outdoor journey requirements*