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The Grow a Garden program is designed to assist volunteers in the field to solicit help to offer the scouting experience to a greater number of girls in our region.
1. Recruit an adult to fill a volunteer position.
2. The newly recruited adult attends orientation and completes basic required learning.
3. The newly recruited adult registers and gets background checked (as appropriate).
The volunteer who recruits adults will receive a keepsake Daisy Pin, based on the scale below:
Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York
The "Grow a Garden" Volunteer-to-Volunteer Recruitment Program
Level 1 - 1st recruit  - White Daisy Pin
Level 2 - 2nd recruit - Yellow Daisy Pin
Level 3 - 10th recruit - Blue Daisy Pin
Level 4 - 15th recruit - Silver Daisy Pin
Level 5 - 20th recruit - Gold Daisy Pin
All levels will be recognized at the annual volunteer dinners. Level 5 will have a feature article on Council website as well as provided a reward.