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We understand and share the concerns about the use of palm oil used in Girl Scout Cookies.  The cookie program is a critical part of the entrepreneurship program for girls and is the single largest source of funding for Girl Scouting. 

We advocate to our bakers and GSUSA to strengthen our approach to the palm oil issues. As a staple ingredient that replaced the troublesome trans fat, palm oil has become a top ingredient for many foods- and is used in the cookies. Although the use of palm oil in Little Brownie Bakers' Girl Scout Cookies® is limited, the palm oil used in our Girl Scout products is Certified Mass Balance palm oil. The Mass Balance System ensures that the palm oil Little Brownie Bakers® uses contributes to the production of environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable palm oil.

While we work on sustainable practices, and finding alternatives to palm oil for our cookies.  There are a few things that individuals can also do to read about the complexities of the palm oil industry, why boycotting is not the answer, workers reliance, fair and sustainable practices and reduce their own personal palm footprint.  We found this article, that is not promulgated by Girl Scouts or our bakers, as a start: