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S'mores Club

Become a part of the S'mores Club!

To earn membership in the S’mores Club, Girls will need to participate in our two entrepreneurial programs: Sweets & Treats and the Cookie Program! 

Girls must also register for the 2022-2023 Girl Scout Membership Year by May 31st.  See the program requirements below.

(This replaces the program formerly known as “Expert Entrepreneur”.)

S'more Redemption Form

Sweets & Treats Requirements


  • Sell at least $400 in total sales between nuts, candy, and magazines
  • Send 18+ unique emails
  • Turn in all order forms, Girl cards, and money to Troop Sweets and Treats Manager or Troop Leader by the Troop-established deadline date.
Cookie Program Requirements


  • Sell at least 350 boxes by the end of the initial sale or a minimum of 750 boxes by the end of the Cookie Program
  • Participate in one cookie booth sale or send 24 unique Digital Cookie messages
  • Attend a cookie rally or complete a National Cookie Entrepreneurship Award badge.  Look up the requirements here:

If both requirements are met Girls will earn a $300 Girl Experience Voucher!

Once all requirements are met, submit the S’mores Club Redemption Form to Council by May 31st, 2022.  The link to form will be available in the Spring.