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Troop funds are important to having an engaging Girl Scout Year. These funds must be in a troop-specific account, they cannot be placed into a personal account.  Troops are provided information to set up bank accounts for their Troops.  These accounts must have two adults on the account. Girls, parents, SU teams, and Council have a right to see Troop finances at any time.

How to Open a Troop Bank Account
  1. Get two adults who are background checked and registered. They do not have to be the troop leaders, though it is preferable. However, you can get a parent to help you! 

  2. Call your local bank and ask what their policies are for opening a Girl Scouts bank account. 

  3. If they do not need a letter issued by Council, go ahead and open the bank account! The account name must be “Girl Scouts of NENY Troop # 0000”, with your troop number in the field. 

  4. If the bank says they need a letter, submit the Volunteer’s names and the troop number to It will take 24-48 hours for the letter to be returned. If you need a bank letter sooner than that, specify it in the email. 

  5. Take the letter to the bank and open your account!

Managing Your Finances

Troop funds are for the benefit of all Girls in the troop and most of the funds should be spent in the year the funds are earned unless the troop has a long-range plan for spending the funds - like start-up money for an activity next year or a travel trip that you’re saving up for. All funds expended should benefit all Girls in the troop equally. 

It is important to keep good records of money received and money spent. Parents, Girls, Service Unit Managers, and Council Staff have a right to see financial records at any time. 

  • All expenses and deposits should be recorded in a checkbook, electronic spreadsheet, or personal banking software. 

  • All money should be deposited within 2 weeks.

  • Keep all receipts for expenses and income. 

  • There should be a clear separation of personal and troop funds. No personal expenses should be paid from the troop account and no troop money should be deposited in personal bank accounts. 

  • All cash payments should have a receipt. 

  • Under no circumstances should a check be written to and signed by the same person, and no check should be written to cash.

To help keep track of your finances check out our Troop Finance Tracker

End of Year Reports

Every troop and Service Unit is required to submit a yearly Finance Report. Finance Reports are submitted in the Volunteer Toolkit and will help make filing easier! Follow along with these step-by-step instructions to help your submission process. If you have any questions reach out to the Girl Scouts of NENY Volunteer Services Team at

Girl Grant/Adult Grant

Girl Scouts fosters inclusion on all levels- financial assistance being one. If you would like to apply for an Adult Grant or Girl Grant, please click on the link below.

Girl Grant Membership Application

Girl Grant for Camps/Programs

Adult Grant

How Troops Can Earn Money 

Troop activities are powered by proceeds earned through council-sponsored product program activities (such as the Girl Scout Cookie Program), group money-earning activities (council approved, of course!), and any dues your troop may charge.

With your guidance, Girls will learn key money skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Troop Dues

Troop dues are a great way to have funds to start your year and get the troop rolling with projects and badges!  Running a troop costs money and it should never be at the expense of the troop leader. Troop dues are a price asked to pay by the family for troop activities. Troop dues can be charged at a flat fee at the beginning of the year, monthly, or at each troop meeting.  How much a troop charges is up to the Leaders and the Girls. When deciding your troop dues here are some questions to consider:

  • How much do you want the troop to be responsible for vs. How much do you want the parents to be responsible for?

  • Do you want to charge a large amount upfront or a smaller amount across each month/each meeting?

  • How much of your funds will come from product sales (like Cookies)?

Need help figuring out how much dues your troop should charge? Check out our Troop Budget Calculator.


Girl Scout Cookies & Sweets and Treats

Girls learn Goal Setting, Decision making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics through Cookie Sales. They also receive discounts to programs and camps, rewards, and even badges. There are a variety of options available for Cookies Sales, such as presale, booth sales, and direct sales. 

Sweets and Treats will provide the first fundraising and entrepreneurial experience for the Girls.  This program involves selling magazines, chocolates, and nuts. This helps start the year off with funding and runs October through November.

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations consist of an item or a service that the Girl would normally have to pay for, such as sauce for a spaghetti dinner, or printing a brochure for a Gold Award Project. In-Kind Donations can be requested at any time of the year.

Money Earning Projects

Money Earning Projects are great options for Troops, Service Units, or Juliettes when projected Product Sales income is not enough to cover the expenses for an activity.  Money Earning Projects must be a Girl-Led activity where the Girls are providing a service or a product. Projects should not be held during Product Sales Season unless there is a time restriction that is not within the control of the Girls. The project should be approved prior to execution. Troop or Juliette projects are approved by Service Unit Manager, Service Unit Projects are approved by Council, and any project planned to fund Highest Awards are approved by Council.

Do's & Don'ts

Money Earning Ideas