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Troop Meetings

Troop meetings are the foundation of a Girl Scout Troop experience. The only requirement for your meeting? That your Girls are laughing, smiling, and having a fun time! That being said here are some tips to help structure and run your meetings.

Meeting Tips

Troop meetings are the foundation of a Girl Scout Troop experience. Girls and Troop leaders can choose how frequently they meet. Here are some of the common meeting frequencies we see with troops: 

  • Biweekly troop meetings

  • Monthly troop meetings and monthly troop outings

  • Monthly troop meetings

  • Weekly troop meetings

When preparing for your troop meeting, keep these things in mind:

  • It doesn’t need to be perfect – There are lots of resources with information and guidance to help you facilitate great troop meetings and experiences - but you are encouraged to be creative. The Girls aren’t expecting perfection from you; your time, attention, and guidance are the best part of your leadership.

  • Learn with your Girls! – As you use the Girl-led process in the development of your troop’s meetings and experiences, the Girls will, at some point, want to earn a badge or complete a project in a subject unfamiliar to you. When they see you learning alongside them, their confidence in their current knowledge and skills, as well as their ability to learn, will rise. It will also help them to understand that learning is a lifelong process.

  • Have fun! Most important – your meetings should be fun! Girls come to Girl Scouts to learn how to be leaders, make decisions, and have fun in the activities they choose. 

Check out our 6 Elements of a Great Troop Meeting

Virtual Meetings

Creating a virtual, all-Girl, safe space sets the stage for mutual encouragement, sisterhood, and continued Girl leadership during a time when Girls need support, belonging, and a way to make their world a better place. Check out the resources we find helpful for Troop Leaders who want to take the Virtual meeting path. 

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Troop Handbook

This resource is designed to assist Leaders through your Troop Year. Information can be found on: How to Run a Troop, Coordinating Successful Meetings, Managing Finances, and much more!