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Volunteer Trainings

Thank you for taking the time to help the Girls in your troop become the leaders of tomorrow. There’s a lot to explore in Girl Scouts and we’re here to help navigate it all! We want your experience to be the best for both you and the Girls, so we've developed a variety of resources and training, and learning opportunities to help support you in your troop leader role.  Check out our training options below to see what we offer and which training is best for you.

Leader Orientation

Our Troop Leader Orientation is here for all Leaders to learn the basics of Girl Scouts. This course is best for new Leaders, but can be a great refresher for current Leaders as well! We will cover the basics of Girl Scouts, how Girls experience Girl Scouts, managing your Troop, engaging with your parents, and troop safety.

Frequency: This training is offered once a month or on-demand with your Volunteer Engagement Specialist.

Length: 1.5 hours

Volunteer Conference

Our Annual Volunteer Conference is part of our continuing adult education series and is offered every Fall. This conference is focused on developing Leaders’ skills in running and managing their troop. We offer courses such as: Having Fun with Fun Patches, Conflict Management, and Running Girl Scout Ceremonies. One part of the conference that volunteers love is our Roundtable discussions where you can share your experiences and learn from other leaders. 

Annual Volunteer Conference - 2022, check back in the spring for the date

Frequency: This training is offered once a year in the Fall.

Length: 5 hours

Outdoor Education Weekend

Outdoor Education Weekend is part of our continuing adult education series. We offer courses such as Beyond Hot Dogs and Marshmallows, CPR and First Aid, Lifeguard and Water Safety, Small Craft Safety, archery, and much more! Our leaders and outdoor enthusiasts will learn and grow through programs that interest them!  

Outdoor Education Weekend- May 13th - 15th, 2022

Frequency: This training is offered once a year.

Length: 6 hours

Going Virtual with Your Troop

Learn the Tips and Tricks on getting your Troop meeting online! Find resources on virtual badge work, meeting layouts for all ages, and the in and outs of Zoom.

Frequency: This training is offered on demand.

Length: 1 hour

Online Tools For Leaders

Leaders have a lot of digital resources available to them! This training is here to help you navigate through different tools including how to get the best resources from GSUSA and GSNENY’s websites, how to use the Volunteer Toolkit, and what to find in gsLearn. 

Frequency: This training is offered once a quarterly.

Length: 1 hour

Blended Outdoor Basic Skills

Our basic skills class prepares you for a safe and fun outdoor experience with your Girl Scouts. This is a required course if you are interested in taking your Troop overnight camping or doing outdoor cooking. You will learn cooking basics, how to plan for your trip, safety rules, and other tips when camping!

Frequency: This training is offered during the fall and spring on varying weekends

Length: 1-hour self-study or webinar and 4-hour hands on class

S'more Learning

Our volunteers are busy people; we aim to provide trainings that fit your schedule! Our S’more Learning series offers bite-sized trainings that are no more than 20 minutes on a new topic each month. These trainings are offered on our Council Facebook page on Facebook Live.

Frequency: This training is offered once a month, but you can find the recordings on our Facebook page.

Length: 20 minutes

Other Outdoor Trainings

Want to move beyond just camping with your Girls? You can take some of our other Outdoor Trainings; these prepare you for a safe and fun outdoor experience with your Girl Scouts. These extra trainings include:

  • Small craft safety - if you want use kayaks and canoes

  • Lifeguarding or water safety - if your Girls are going in the water

  • Archery - if you want to teach your Girls the basics of the bow. 

Frequency: These trainings are offered during the spring and fall.

Length: Varies

Other Training Opportunities

We aim to provide trainings on any part of Girl Scouts that Volunteers have questions on! The Volunteer Team is happy to provide any training on demand to individuals or Service Units on request. Many of our other trainings are featured during our specialty training days including Volunteer Conference and Outdoor Education Weekend. Check out our current training selection listed below, if you’d like information that’s not on this list, email and we will find a resource or create something for you!

Frequency: On-demand.

Length: Most trainings are 1 hour

CPR/First Aid Training

Whenever Girls Scouts are gathering in person there must be at least one adult who has CPR/First Aid training. Any certified training in CPR/First Aid is accepted including Red Cross or training provided by an employer. GSNENY is happy to partner with EPIC Trainings to provide training to volunteers at a low cost. To learn more about EPIC Trainings’ available courses please contact:

If you have any questions or would like to schedule Adult Training opportunities, contact the GSNENY Volunteer Services Team at 518-489-8110 or email We’re happy to add something to the Council calendar, meet with you one-on-one, or schedule a visit for a Service Unit training!