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Sweets & Treats

Sweets & Treats, our Fall Product Program, is a great learning experience for girls as it emphasizes teamwork and goal setting. Held before the Cookie Program, Sweets & Treats is a great way for troops to earn start-up funds for the year by selling candy and nuts (sweets) and magazine subscriptions (treats). 

Girl Scouts can open their own business to sell delicious chocolates, nuts, magazines.

Don't forget about the S'mores Club! Girls and Troops who meet the sales requirements for both Sweets & Treats in the fall and the Girl Scout Cookie Program in the spring can earn become a member! 

Your troop can decide to participate in one or more ways so you don’t overlap with other activities you have at school. For an easy participation option that involves no physical money collection, you and your troop can even participate in online magazines and nuts program only.

Important Dates

Order Card and Online Sales begin (Girls can begin online set-up) October 6th
Order card orders end November 7th
Online Sales end November 11th
Deliver items to customers Early December